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    Alloy Metal ProductsOptical Equipment Machining - Precise, Reliable, Responsive
    Machining Opto-mechanical Equipment Components

    optical aperatureThe design and manufacture of precision optical equipment such as telescopes, lasers, and microscopes requires an extraordinary amount of accuracy. Machined parts that hold optics have to be built to extremely close tolerances over the expanse of the entire part. This requires insight into how the material is expected to perform in its end use and as it is machined to assure that the product is manufactured as engineered. This especially applies when determining how to machine the part effectively when it involves thin wall construction from solid material where the mounting system needs to be not only durable but lightweight.

    Machining circular and thin wall materials with minimal distortion demands some serious experience. Determining how something should be machined is more important than simply getting the part to match the print; that experience in manufacturing judgment is why demanding manufacturers are careful not to trust just anyone. It's important for a qualified shop to have access to the most sophisticated machine tools on the market. It is also critical that the most stringent quality controls are in place when parts are machined.

    5-Axis Machining
    optical housing5 Axis Machines are the most advanced CNC (computer numeric controlled) milling machines. These machines perform multiple machining tasks with a single setup. With conventional machining techniques, complex parts require multiple setups on multiple machines. This requires setup, part transfer, and inspection for each step and consumes valuable resources as incomplete parts are moved and stored around the floor. When done correctly, 5-Axis Machining eliminates multiple setups, part transfers and part handling. It eliminates the human errors associated with multiple setups. It eliminates the out–of–tolerance error accumulation of multiple setups. It eliminates multiple inspections. All of this results in the precision needed for aerospace machining, along with lower cost per part and the ability to maintain parts conformity throughout the part run and in future runs.

    Quality Control
    Choosing a shop with certified quality control is of utmost importance. Certification is proof that a shop's production processes are tightly controlled, which is essential for demonstrating that operations have been correctly performed and that parts produced match specifications exactly. For instance, it is essential to demonstrate the integrity of the tools and machines used, and to develop a process that will ensure adequate oversight of the entire process. In addition, certification provides the essentials of an effective component traceability program, requires that all manufacturing and testing equipment be calibrated and that their calibration history be carefully documented, and requires ongoing internal quality management audits by qualified personnel.

    At Alloy Metal Products our decades of optical equipment machining expertise set us apart.

    alloy metal products signWe operate and thrive in a marketplace where manufacture and delivery of complex parts must satisfy the bottom line and ensure quality and precision. As supplier relationships shift and business moves overseas in search of reduced labor costs, we dedicate ourselves to remaining competitive. Our years of experience with the world's best machining equipment give us the unmatched expertise that allows us to execute the trickiest machine tasks reliably, repeatably and cost-effectively.
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